First Public Meeting of Friends of Ditton Meadows

There was standing room only in the Fen Ditton Church Community Hall on 21st January when nearly one hundred people attended our first Open  Meeting.

Participants were able to see the cycle bridge proposals and heard about the likely effect of the construction, storage compound and traffic. 

There was some lively debate with more than three quarters of those attending being supportive of the aims of the Friends.   Several cyclists who regularly use that route felt that the projected cost of £4.5 million wasn’t justified by a small saving in time over using the Green Dragon Bridge. Others stated that the proposed design, ramps and access were Ill-considered and would not help cyclists.

The meeting was also attended by some supporters of the bridge, who  put the case for the extension of the Chisholm Trail, access from Abbey to the proposed Science Park station and the need to get people out of their cars . 

We were heartened by the fabulous turnout on a very chilly evening and by the huge strength of feeling in the room against the bridge and in favour of the long-term preservation of the Meadows. 

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