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·       Fully support this petition.

·      To spoil the meadows with an ugly cycle bridge or any form of development would be a travesty. They should be preserved for future generations to enjoy,

·       Our green spaces are very special and need to be taken care of and cherished.

·       Leave a little green space around Cambridge, for heaven's sake!

·       The cost of a bridge with no significant benefits makes no economic sense. The green space and preservation of a special environment is so much more important.

·       I am in full support of Friends of Ditton Meadows in order to safeguard our natural, historic wildlife area - both now and for the future.

·       At a time when there are so many worthy causes to use funds squandering money and destroying a treasured area for future generations is inexcusable.

·       Leave the meadows as they are for our children and future generation's to Injoy

·       Too much of our countryside is being destroyed with inappropriate and unnecessary development.

·       Please save these beautiful meadows.

·       Please don't ruin this spectacularly beautiful part of the river!

·       Not the right place for a new bridge!

·       we need green spaces!

·       Views are very precious in Cambridge - and this is a gorgeous one.

·       Not only would it be a blight on a sight of historical interest but ut is akso unnecessary. As a cyclist myself coming from Fen Ditton and travelling through Chesterton to Histon, I find it onky takes me a few minutes to go that little bit further and use the Green Dragon Bridge at Stourbridge Common. i therefore cannot underatmd the need for new bridge.

·       let us not squander the last green spaces

·       Why does a city as rich as Cambridge always end up subsidising development by the loss of its greenspace and degradation of our places of natural beauty ?

·       save our country side

·       Creeping urbanisation - a natural wildlife area with street lights!  I don't think so.

·       Save Our Green Spaces!

·       This natural wildlife area needs protection from plans such as these which put profit and convenience before irretrievable natural resources.

·       What a beautiful spot! Hold on to it.

·       No bridge Fen Ditton Side of railway!

·       This is an iconic view - as important to 'book-ending' Cambridge's green space as  Granchester and we should keep it as beautiful as it is now.  There is no more green space in Cambridge, and there are more and more people!

·       Dreadful. It's part of the ongoing destruction of Cambridge environments. Ill thought through and poorly planned.

·       These precious pockets of ancient meadowland must be protected, cherished and preserved.   Once disturbed, lost forever.

·       We live in a growing city that should protect its green spaces, but with the need to recognise that growth brings a need to move around. The two can co-exist with good design.

·       it is not only the destructive element but also that the proposed site is flawed inrespect to the number of people who will use itas it has no direct link to the station.

·       This is the point on Cambridge's northern side where the city opens up and starts to breathe. It is a resource for the whole city, as a place of beauty as well as natural and ancient historical importance: the site of the medieval Stourbridge Fair, and centuries of traditional grazing. It's also an iconic view. Cyclists can make a small detour to preserve this treasure.

·       Why are we, yet again, considering damaging a natural resource when a crossing already exists a short distance away. I agree with Sophie Hyde, a little walk does no harm. 

·       It is a glorious site.  Aplace to escape from the hurly burly of life.

·       Improper consultant

·       Completely against it

·       Completely against it

·       I can only refer you to Sophie Hyde's comment.  She's said it all.

·       I am opposed to the bridge due to the impact on the historic open space. The views in this area are also noted as requiring protection in the Cambridge Local Plan. The artists impressions are misleading and do not represent the full impact of the associated ramps and lighting on the surrounding area. The locations of the bridge do not appear to have been fully assessed as the bridge seems to link to the east side of the railway tracks, whilst the new station is on the west. No location to the west of the existing rail bridge has been considered. Land to the north of the river appears to have been cleared of trees and vegetation in advance of planning permission being sought.

·       Too beautiful an area to lose

·       The proposed foot and cycle bridge across Ditton Meadows is an unjustified use of public funds with questionable benefits along with very marked negative impact on this small rare area of countryside.

·       We strongly oppose any development which affects the views and wildlife.

·       I very much oppose the proposed construction of the new bridge. Another thin wedge that will soon be used to justify further development. It is a bridge leading nowhere, imposed on us in a manner with which we are now wearily familiar.

·       After attending  a meeting last night im still convinced  that  the  new bridge is not necessary  ,a new bridge next to the existing  foot/cycle  bridge would be  better  and leave the meadow  untouched

·       There is no need to ruin this small green lung just think once it gone you can't not go back save this place for everyone keep this area for wildlife no bridge we already have one

·       Keep the meadows special. It's so easy to encroach on such spaces and once done there is no turning the clock back.

·       What's the logic for a bridge? Spend money better

·       This is simply ridiculous- why waste this money when we have a perfectly useable bridge already? This enormous amount of money could be so much better spent- eg. OUR NHS???

·       Why spoil such a beautiful peaceful area enjoyed by so many

·       There is already a bridge.   The proposed new bridge would blight the beautiful meadows.  A waste of public money..

·       Cambridge is growing which is all the more reason to preserve natural green open spaces like the meadow for the enjoyment of all. As with roads, better use should be made of existing infra-structures - widen the existing 'Green Dragon' bridge instead ( or put a pedestrian bridge alongside it). There is space for this on the Cambridge side of the bridge.

·       Another bridge would only cause more congestion on the existing cycle way!

·       I entirely agree with Sophie Hyde's comments as in the Discussion under this Petition. I can only add that the meadows provide an ecosystem where rare plants, birds and mammals (in particular, water voles) cling on, with even the occasional sighting of a marsh harrier. These would all disappear for ever with the bulding of a new bridge  and the increase in traffic.  

·       Let's move the crossing upstream of the railway bridge, e.g to the Green Dragon bridge which could be expanded to separate pedestrians and cyclists. This would leave Ditton Meadows undeveloped and safe money better spent on other cycle way improvements in the city.

·       Save the Meadows

·       All river sacred

·       This is a beautiful area so close to the city, please leave it unchanged.

·       The bridge project is misconceived.  Apart from the devastation to the meadows, this is simply the wrong place for a river crossing.  In particular, no proper thought has been given to how adequate access can be provided to the bridge on the north side.  The proposal is merely to satisfy the hubris of one man, and to give lazy council officers an easy way of spendng S106 money.. 

·       This is an un-touched piece of countryside, please don't ruin it with a bridge, ramps and lighting.

·       It would be such a shame to destroy this lovely meadow that brings so much to this village.

·       These meadows are one of the last remaining wild places within walking distance of the Cambridge city centre.  It is critical to try to preserve this beloved, protected spot.  A cycle bridge to the west of the railway bridge is the way forward.

·       It will be a complete disater for the meadows, a start of encroachment when we need to protect all green spaces especially these emadows

·       The current proposed location is totally wrong. The new bridge should be co-located with the railway bridge (to west preferably otherwise immediately to the east) and a proper integrated landscape plan developed to ensure the special qualities and views of Fen Ditton Meadows and Stourbridge Common are protected and the recreational value of the commons/ green spaces are not eroded. Highways Authority should implement high quality design and properly costed schemes. The current shoddy proposals are not worthy of Cambridge - sucessful because it is mostly a beautiful and quality city people want to be in - do not start reducing standards now! Suggest Friends of Ditton Meadows and Stourbridge Common (together with neighbouring landowners and local groups) team up to develop clear master plans and helping to find a balanced view and approach trying to integrate the various pressures and needs on these so important green spaces along the magic green corridor of the River Cam.

·       We need to keep the very few remaining historical areas that are not wealthy Cambridge Colleges for our great grandchildren! Greed and a mistaken ideas that developing these important riverside conservation areas is criminal! Why doesn't good sense prevail!

·       This bridge is not needed. There has been no meaningful consultation. The document distributed last year gave no real information about the proposed river crossing.  The hand drawn pictures were pointless. There was no map to indicate various possible crossing points. It only appeared to offer a choice of which bridge you would like, not whether you would like one or not. 

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